Spring To-Dos

There are a variety of areas of the garden that will be needing some attention.

Gardening tips | Spring to-dos

Firstly look at your plants:-

  • Prune back large flowered clematis, roses and early flowering shrubs.
  • Spray and feed your roses to help them get off to a good start and prevent pests.
  • If you have any small shrubs or trees that you want to move to another area of the garden now is a good time to do it.
  • Try to keep as much soil intact with the roots when digging out and place on a plastic sheet to make it easier to drag to its new position.

Soil will start to soften in your borders, turn the soil (avoiding any spring flowering bulbs) and add compost. If you have a vegetable patch you can now start some outdoor sowing. Now is a good time to sow beetroot, broad beens, early peas, brussel sprouts, leeks, lettuce and parsnips.

Your lawn will probably need some attention too:-

It may have developed moss over the damp winter months so give it a scarify before you start cutting your lawn.

  • It may benefit from some grass seed if the scarifying has resulted in some bare patches.
  • A spring lawn feed will help to establish healthy growth. One of the easiest mistakes to make, however, is feeding your lawn too much. Fertilizer is great, but too much too early in the spring causes problems.
  • What you’ll get if you go overboard is lots of top-growth. It looks great, but all that top-growth comes at the expense of your lawns roots. Go easy on the nitrogen, light on the fertilizer in general.