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Our tried-and-trusted pricing process helps us provide an accurate estimate for your garden project.

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Our roots grow back to 1997 when we successfully completed our first landscaping project in Perth. Since then, we have transformed thousands of gardens across Perthshire, Dundee, St Andrews and Fife, Stirling and Clackmannanshire and Edinburgh.

A garden is like a person – each one is unique and requires different things. From a new driveway to an entire garden with bespoke design features, the requirements and costs are different for each project.

Real Example Landscape Pricing

To help give a real guide of our pricing, we have put together four example projects based on a range of garden sizes.

Small garden landscaping price | Gardens Galore

Example Landscaping Price for Small Gardens

We started with a level, blank canvas and installed a deck, laid a path and finished with gravel to provide an attractive seating area at a new build property.

  • Decking with steps and handrails
  • Path
  • Decorative Gravel

Price range for a similar project:
£4,840 – £7,260 (including VAT)*

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Landscape design pricing | Medium garden design cost

Example Landscaping Price for Medium Gardens

We removed a large lawned area, laid a new paved area and created a raised bed from an existing border for ease of access and maintenance.

  • Curved wall to create an attractive raised bed
  • Paved area
  • Edgings
  • Border

Price range for a similar project:
£12,100 – £14,300 (including VAT)*

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Cost of landscape design | Garden design pricing

Example Garden Design Price for Medium to Large Gardens

The brief was to upgrade a mature garden for lower maintenance, with a child-friendly area and space for entertaining.

  • Artificial lawn
  • Decking with steps and handrails
  • Patio
  • New wall at rear of patio
  • Path
  • Gravel

Price range for a similar project:
£23,100 – £30,800 (including VAT)*

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Landscaping price | Cost of landscape design

Example Landscaping Price for Large Gardens

We modernised paved areas and transformed a sloping rockery area into a more usable space that required less maintenance.

  • Retaining walls to form terraced levels
  • Paved areas
  • Lawn and gravel area on the terrace
  • Steps
  • Borders
  • Planting
  • Fencing

Price range for a similar project:
£31,900 – £39,600 (including VAT)*

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*  Estimated prices at February 2023.  Exact pricing for these examples would depend on the materials selected for each feature, the size of the garden, and other common factors.

How We Price Your Garden Design Project

Our tried-and-trusted pricing process helps us understand exactly what you need so you get an accurate estimate.

This is how our landscape pricing works.

1. A visit to understand your vision

We organise a suitable time visit you in your garden and listen carefully. What is your vision to personalise your garden or outdoor living space? How will you, your family, and your visitors use the space? What are some of your favourite plants and garden features?

2. Expert guidance to grow your ideas

We can recommend suitable features, materials and plants to help transform your garden and turn your vision to reality.

3. Garden size, site access, and clearance

We get down in the weeds to look at common factors that affect the cost of landscaping projects:

  • Garden size: Landscaping a small physical area requires less time and material than a large area.
  • Site access: Getting materials and equipment in and out of your garden through a clear route helps us to move faster. Sometimes access isn’t so straightforward but we always find a way.
  • Clearance: We often need to strip out old materials and debris and dispose of them correctly. This is another common factor that changes based on the size of the garden and ease of site access.

4. Total cost

Once you’re happy that we have all the details, we’ll send you a detailed quotation showing the total cost with a breakdown of everything. We work hard to make sure this is accurate and easy to understand, but will be happy to have a call and talk through everything together.

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Start A Landscaping Project Together

At Gardens Galore, we have years of experience designing and landscaping beautiful gardens for our clients, and we can work with you to create your ideal garden.

Why not check out our garden services or have a look at our garden projects for further inspiration?

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