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Garden Paths

Paths are more than just a way of linking one place to another. Pathways can be the heart and soul of a garden.

Installation of garden paths gives direction to a space, defines its edges, leads the way to a focal point or simply makes access to make planting much easier.

Materials for Garden Paths

The materials used to create a path also lend a degree of personality to a garden from gravel crunching under foot to stone slabs giving a feeling of solidity. Stepping stone paths can be created using paving slabs set into decorative gravel or for a very low maintenance option, resin bound gravel is becoming more popular.

Where edgings are required to provide restraint for materials, there are a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours to add the finishing touch and complement the style of the path.

We can create a design for you to suit your needs or bring your own garden ideas into creation.

Natural Stone Paving

With any natural products, there will be slight variations in colour and texture.


Beautiful grey granite paving in a range of shades, has a lightly flamed surface texture which makes it extremely slip resistant.

Indian Sandstone

Indian sandstone path | Garden paths

Available in sawn for a smooth elegant feel or riven for a more rustic appearance, Indian sandstone is available in a wide variety of soft shades of cream, brown and grey. There are different grades of sandstone products to choose from depending on the finish required and consistency of colours desired for the finished path.


Limestone offers an extremely durable choice for paths, with a lightly riven, even texture in a choice of brown and grey shades.


The beautiful, lightly riven surface of high quality slate provides hard wearing and contemporary choice. Available in grey or black, slabs can also be used for matching copes or steps


British Yorkstone is available in sawn and rustic finishes in a blue/grey colour with variable sweeping bands of brown.

Other Materials for Garden Paths

Porcelain Paving

Available in a wide variety of colours and effects, including metallic, planks and patterned tiles, to create a contemporary or industrial feel. Porcelain planks in particular can work well set into gravel for a modern stepping stone path. Porcelain paving provides the best non-slip surface and attracts less algae growth due to being non-porous.

Concrete Paving

There are a wide range of concrete paving options to choose from when creating pathways. With effects ranging from more traditional Yorkstone, to contemporary terrazzo, flame treated and rustic old timber, there is a concrete product to complement every property style. Usually a less expensive option than traditional stone, concrete paving can provide the required feel within a realistic budget.

Resin Bound Gravel

Resin bound gravel path | Landscaping a path

Resin bound gravel provides a stylish and low maintenance option. Coloured aggregates are mixed with polyurethane resin to form a permeable surface which allows water to drain naturally through the finished surface. Available in a huge range of colours to suit every taste.


A grass path can be defined with edgings or have inset stepping stones and may provide a low cost solution for some gardens.

We wanted to build a ramp up to our front door and create level paths throughout the garden to allow wheelchair access. Jamie made a site visit, understood what we were trying to achieve and made suggestions as necessary. Before the work began, it was clearly explained to us how the project would progress, which was very helpful. Every staff member we dealt with was courteous and easy to deal with. We were very impressed by their team work, how tidy they were, and their ability to find good solutions to problems. The amount of progress they achieved in challenging winter weather was astonishing. It was great to be able to communicate with the office via email and phone, and Kim was excellent at keeping us updated and informed. We feel the job was money very well spent and we’re delighted with what Gardens Galore have done for us.

McInnes, Blairgowrie

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