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Garden Walls

Garden walls help to define the space and style of your outdoor living space.

Walling can be formed for privacy, raised beds for planting, to retain an area of earth, to complement a patio or simply to divide your garden.

Good design and construction is vital to a long lasting and stable wall which is why all of our structures are competently built to specification.

Copings and caps provide the finishing touches to your wall and are not only decorative features but also guide water away from the top of the wall. There are lots of different styles and colours to choose from.

Our team will listen to your ideas, working with you to create the perfect design and then our team of professionals will bring your project into fruition.

Materials for Creating Garden Walls

When constructing walls there are many types of materials to choose from, depending on the style of the space and the purpose of the wall.

Natural Stone

Smooth or textured or a mix of both, natural stone is available in various colours and can be used for feature walls or retaining walls. Sometimes used as cladding on concrete blocks to provide a cost-effective option or where additional stability is required.

Stone Veneers

Natural stone veneers | Garden walls

There are a number of natural stone veneers available which are used as cladding to transform purpose built or existing flat walls into attractive features.

Brick Wall

Often used as similar material to match the existing property when constructing additional walls or walls incorporating a raised planter.

Concrete Products

A wide variety of colours, textures and sizes are available to create the desired walling style, whether rustic or modern.


Garden walls | Concrete rendering

Rendering a wall gives an attractive smooth or textured finish, in a variety of colours to complement the style of the garden.


Sleepers are extremely popular for the construction of garden walls and raised beds. Posts are concreted into the ground before attaching the sleepers, resulting in a strong and cost-effective option.

Garden walls - Wooden terracing

Terracing Garden Walls

A sloping garden can seem a challenge, but can be transformed into a more useable space by the use of terracing.

As experienced walling contractors we have the expertise to design and build structurally sound, attractive walls to create terraces to provide more level areas to enjoy your garden to its fullest. Matching steps can be included to allow access to the various levels.

Sleeper walls are a popular choice for large terraces, especially where raised beds are required for planting or growing. In this extensive terracing project, large sleeper walls were constructed around the sloping perimeter to create vast raised beds, decking and a play area with slide and climbing wall.

Sleepers are attached to posts that are concreted into the ground, but where brick or stone walls are chosen, a concrete block wall is constructed in the first instance, for strength and stability.

In this new build garden, terraced retaining walls were built using brick similar to the property, to create a garden with interesting levels and areas for planting between the levels.

We have used Gardens Galore on several occasions in the past on a variety of jobs some of which involved extensive landscaping and garden design including building walls. This recent work required an extension to an existing wall, building a new one, designing and creating a rockery, the replacement of a wooden ramp with slabs/slates and some returfing of a grassed area. Given the circumstances, we know the owners and the workforce very well and they always do a professional job, are very flexible in response to changed options as they progress with the work, are particularly courteous and mindful of the customers property and clean up every night before they leave the job. The fact that we have used them on so many occasions reflects our degree of satisfaction with their work and we are therefore happy to recommend them to any prospective customer.

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