Sensory Garden Design, Sense of Taste

Taste is often dismissed as a lesser important sense when thinking about a sensory garden. Taste is in fact extremely important, especially for those whose sight and sound senses are disabled.

Taste is also very much linked to memories and people often become nostalgic or curious when they’ve tasted something new or exciting. For that reason, we encourage you to include items that tantalise the taste buds in your garden. Edible flowers are a simple and effective way to bring beauty and functionality into your garden.

Lavender is what is known as a ‘super flower’ as it pleases a multitude of senses; it has an unforgettable scent and appearance that is recognisable anywhere and makes it easily identifiable. Lavenders have an irresistibly sweet, floral yet citrusy flavour and can be used as garnishes and in sorbets.

Sage isn’t thought of as a particularly attractive plant but sage flowers are much more interesting than people might expect. They’re subtle and very palatable, perfect for picking and garnishing on salads. Sage flowers are frequently liked or preferred over the leaves, usually because the leaves can sometimes be quite bitter whereas the flowers can be a little mellower. Thyme, chive and oregano flowers are also milder versions of their herb sisters.

Sensory garden design | Taste

A fruit and vegetable nursery is also worth considering in a sensory garden. Crops can be planted and grown over the colder months then harvested and enjoyed over the warmer months. This can be a valuable way to encourage garden users to take responsibility and ownership for the maintenance of the garden.

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Case Study: Grow Your Own, Perth

We were asked to redesign the rear garden of this property in Perth to incorporate a large vegetable garden for our keen growers. We created four large raised sleeper beds, for ease of planting and harvesting, with connecting paths for easy access around the garden and to a greenhouse.

Explore our full case study, Grow Your Own, Perth.

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