Sensory Garden Design, Sense of Sight

Sight is a very important sense to consider when designing any garden, but especially a sensory garden as sight is such a powerful sense.

The easiest way to entertain sight in a sensory garden is to incorporate colour. Therefore, when we are choosing features for a sensory garden we should be constantly thinking of how it will look and what colour it should be.

If you want to integrate a raised concrete flowerbed into your garden, perhaps think about painting it a bright, bold colour to bring some vibrancy to the garden.

When it comes to pleasing this sense with flowers and plants, it’s pretty easy as all plants and flowers, no matter how simple or extravagant, have their own individual look and presence. Lily of the Valley is a native flower to Britain that grows easily on most soil types. It’s an elegant and classic flower which blooms beautifully throughout spring and summer.

Another flower planted for its physical charm is Jacob’s ladder (real name – Polemonium caeruleum). It produces bell-shaped blue/purple flowers in early summer and adapts well to most weather and soil conditions.

Sensory garden design | Sight

If you think you’ll have enough plants and flowers filling up the other senses you could look at including something a little more abstract to support sight, perhaps a wall mural or sculpture. This is great for sensory gardens, specifically for nursing homes or care centres as it’s an effective way to get patients involved in the process of designing the garden. It could incorporate their hobbies, passions, desires and memories and spark thought and interest for any and all garden visitors.

sense of sight - dunning

Case Study: Cottage Garden in Dunning

In the village of Dunning, Perthshire, we transformed this lovely cottage’s garden to give it a modern twist while retaining the charm of the original garden.

To provide lots of visual sensory touches, we created new borders and seating areas to show off and enjoy the many colourful and mature plants.

Explore our full case study, Cottage Garden Project, Dunning.

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