Creative use of garden spaces

There are many things you can do to transform your garden space into an enjoyable, personalised, and inspirational place to enjoy the outdoors all year round. With a bit of imagination, the possibilities are endless.

creative use of garden spaces

Spending time outside in the natural environment greatly benefits our mental wellbeing. This doesn’t always have to mean venturing through forests or striding across glens. There’s so much you can do to transform your garden space into your little bit of nature. You can plant flowers and trees, watch birds eat from a bird feeder, or simply relax in a comfortable outdoor seating area.

In this article, we’ll show you that, with a bit of creativity, you can do more with less and the garden of your dreams is possible. Because when it comes to fantastic outdoor spaces, imagination is the only limiting factor, not budget, time, or space.

Our Gardens Are Even More Important Now

Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic

Gardens have always been an extension of our living space. They have become significantly more important to us recently as other outdoor options have been restricted during the pandemic. Our garden spaces have become a safe place for our children to play, for us to meet with family and friends to socialise (when we can), a place to feel relaxed and safe in a world that was turned upside down.

Increased Demand

As a result, we have seen an increased demand for landscaping, decking, garden structures, and garden rooms as people seek to create seating areas, entertainment spaces, workspaces, or make their gardens more child friendly. People who have been thinking about garden improvements for many years have been spurred into action.

Creative Thinking

And there has been more creative thinking about what a garden area can be:

  • a place to work
  • a social space to share drinks with friends
  • a sheltered, heated area so we can stay outdoors for longer
  • a playground for children
  • a place to exercise

Making Use of Your Garden Space All Year Round

In Nordic countries, people use outdoor areas for extended periods of the year. We can take inspiration from their ability to create comfortable, cosy spaces using cushions, throws, chunky blankets and fleeces. The addition of lanterns, string lights, fire pits and other specially-designed heaters all add to the ambience for colder times of the year.

More than ever before, all sorts of structures, from sheds, summerhouses and garden rooms to simple huts, pergolas, gazebos and arbours, have been utilised to give people alternatives to being indoors.

Garden fire pit

So, whether you are enjoying lemonade or gin and tonic in summer or hot chocolate or mulled wine in winter, your garden can be a great atmospheric place to be.

Garden Patios

Patios continue to be popular as seating, entertaining and BBQ areas. They also serve a safe, level surface for children to play. The addition of patio umbrellas, sails, canopies, or pergolas can provide shade or shelter.

Floating benches built into walls or planters have become increasingly popular as simple, permanent seating alternatives.

Fire-pits, outdoor wood-burning stoves and patio heaters provide warmth for prolonged use into the evening or during the colder months.

Use of garden spaces | Patios and seating

For more ideas and inspiration, see some of our patio projects.

Thinking about a patio for your garden?

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Garden Decking

Decks continue to be popular and are used in similar ways to patios to provide attractive, entertaining, or cosy spaces.

Portable heaters, parasol heaters, chimineas and fire pits provide heat so you can enjoy your outdoor space for long into the evening. However, you should always ensure care is taken when it comes to your heating choices so you don’t damage your deck or accidentally create a fire hazard. You can contact us for advice if you’re not sure which heating option is best for your deck.

Garden decking areas | Creative use of garden space

For more ideas and inspiration, see some of our decking projects or visit our decking guide to explore the different types of decking available.

Thinking about decking for your garden?

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Garden Furnishings

The addition of garden furniture, soft furnishings like cushions and throws, outdoor wall clocks, shelving, bar carts, lanterns and other accessories can add to the sense that your patio or deck is an additional, outdoor room.

You can create the perfect setting for reading a book, watching the kids play, or enjoying the sunset.

Before & After

Browse the before and after photos.

Simply scroll the slider from left to right to see this garden transformation.

Raised Planters

Planters for growing fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants have become increasingly popular as more people have enjoyed and benefited from nurturing hobbies.

Raised planters | Garden planters

Flowers and plants bring beauty to every space they enter, whether that space is big or small. But beyond the aesthetic value gardening brings, plants themselves purify the air and add to the feel-good factor of a newly-transformed space.

Planters are ideal for gardens of all sizes, including low-maintenance gardens. So get your green thumbs ready for window-box flowers, hanging plants, tiny veggie gardens, and more.

Looking for raised planters for your garden?

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Garden Rooms and Structures

Summer Houses & Sheds

Summer Houses have always had a multitude of uses, in addition to being traditional seating areas:

  • Craft or sewing room
  • Playroom
  • Teenager’s den
  • Therapy room
  • Games room
  • Bar

And sheds continue to be used for a variety of purposes too, from storage to playhouses. The ‘shed pub’ has gained even more popularity recently too. Cheers to that!

Garden summer houses | Garden sheds

Outdoor Workspaces

Summerhouses and garden rooms now have become popular as workspaces and home offices as more people work from home.

A private workspace in your home garden – an attractive private space, affordable and self-contained outside of your home. They are a significant upgrade on a small spare room or the kitchen table. Working from a garden room or summerhouse helps to remove common distractions like pets, children and family members (as much as we appreciate them!).

A new garden office can be customised to meet the exact needs of your work or business. They are also a fantastic opportunity to get creative.

Garden offices | Outdoor workspaces
Images from Gillies and Mackay

Simple Garden Structures

Huts, pergolas, gazebos and sheltered lean-tos have also become popular recently. You can use a hut or lean-to to house a bar or simply to provide a cosy place to sit. A pergola or gazebo can provide shelter around a hot tub too.

These simple structures, with the addition of screens, canvas or wooden sides, allow garden areas to be used late into the evening and in the colder months as an alternative to being indoors.

Garden buildings | Outdoor structures

Eating Outdoors

Outdoor kitchens have seen a growth in popularity too. They can include preparation and storage areas, built-in barbeques, pizza ovens and food smoking equipment. This can open up a new world of culinary possibilities if your garden has space to accommodate them.

There’s nothing better than a barbeque or a freshly-cooked pizza outdoors on a warm summer’s evening.

Outdoor eating | Garden al fresco

Looking for a garden building?

Our trusted supplier, Gillies and Mackay, have a wealth of information on their website including plans, prices and ideas for sheds, summerhouses and garden rooms. And we can help with the simpler garden structures too!

Looking for a base?

Naturally, you need a stable and level base for your chosen building. We can make sure you get the right foundations for your project, and also landscape the surrounding area to suit your needs.

Want to talk about transforming your garden space?

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