Walling Project - Almondbank, Perth

This walling project took place in Almondbank just outside Perth and turned a redundant space into a user friendly area at the foot of a steeply sloped garden.

Consultation and Concept

This project involved extensive excavation works and the construction of a large retaining wall to the existing heavily sloping banking to create a level area at the foot of the garden banking.

The wall was built and faced with Heritage calder brown walling with a Heritage calder brown cope.

Garden Features

A tiered softwood timber deck spanning the length of the wall was created, providing a place to sit and relax or entertain.

The mix of calder brown walling, timber decking and gravel really compliment each other.

Before & After Gallery

Why not browse through the befores and afters for this project…

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Completed Project

It was great to see the transformation of an unused space into a lovely sheltered deck area.