Re-design Project - Perth

Clients living in Perth asked us to enhance their property's garden spaces - to complement their newly-built extension and take advantage of their scenic surroundings.

An attractive lawn area already surrounded the extension and it was agreed we would focus on emphasising the garden's existing positive qualities while framing the recent property addition.

With this in mind, a patio area was constructed from Marshalls heritage old yorkstone and edged with tegula pennant grey. In a corner of the patio, we incorporated a double ring slab circle, creating a seating area ideal for dining or entertainment and offering excellent views of the property's surroundings.


We extended the new patio around the house to create an access pathway - also installing a trellis fence and arch as an entryway to the rear garden. To brighten the space with splashes of eye-catching colour, we incorporated planting beds at intervals around the rear garden.

Our work added character to our clients' scenic rear garden space while successfully accenting the brand new extension.

Before & After Gallery

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