Summer To-Dos

It’s such a lovely time of year with the garden full of vibrant colours and scents along with the buzz of people outdoors enjoying their gardens. As with all seasons, there’s always plenty to do in the garden to keep things looking their best so here’s some summer “to dos” to help you along the way…

Summer to-dos | Gardening tips
  • Summer blooming shrubs should be pruned for shape once they have finished flowering.
  • Deadhead flowers regularly to prolong flowering. It’s also worth deadheading recurrent blooming roses to keep them going until autumn.
  • Check hanging baskets and containers every day during hot weather and water thoroughly. Move them to the shade if you are going on holiday or ask your neighbours nicely!
  • Prune wisteria, take back all the long whippy tendrils to around 15 cm (6 in). You may need to repeat pruning in January/February if it makes a lot of new growth later in the season.
  • Mow your lawn regularly and raise the height of the blades ½ an inch and your lawn will thank you. Avoid watering, except in very long dry spells or if you have a new lawn.
  • Change the water in your bird bath regularly and keep it topped up for our little feathered friends.

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