Spring Clean Your Garden

Spring is a good time to give your lawn some attention, get pruning and planting and also to give your garden a general spring clean along with power-washing any paved areas.

Spring clean your garden

Over winter the lawn doesn’t grow much but now that the weather has warmed up mowing is a regular task.  Mowing regularly keeps the lawn in good health and mowing on different cutting heights through spring and summer is recommended.  Spring time is a good time to treat your lawn for moss and weeds and to apply fertiliser.

Tending to your shrubs and plants at this time of year is important…

  • Deadhead rhododendrons and azaleas to encourage the formation of next year’s blooms and prune other spring-flowering shrubs after flowering.
  • Deal with any sign of infestation or disease in roses.
  • Plant out any shrubs that are tender when young such as hydrangea and fuchsia.
  • Plant out half-hardy annuals when fear of frost has passed in containers and outdoor beds.
  • Trim back spreading alpine plants such as aubrietia and arabis 2-3 inches from the base when they have finished flowering.
  • Clip box hedges.

It is a good time of year to power wash your paths, patios and driveways for the seasons ahead and also check your fences or gates for any damage from winter winds.