Sensory Garden Design, Sense of Sound

Sound in a sensory garden can be both exciting and calming and is especially important for visitors who are visually impaired.

All our senses are prevalently linked to memory but sound can often be very enlightening for visitors with mental disabilities and memory-loss conditions.

Expressive therapies are commonly used to improve the mental, physical and emotional health of those undertaking the therapy and music theory is used in a number of different areas of healthcare. It has proven particularly successful for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia and for this reason, it is important to include some form of sound stimulus in a sensory garden.

Wind chimes can be bought or constructed manually to get an added rustic feel. They can be made using a variety of materials which will all produce slightly different tones and sounds.

Wooden tubes, rods and bells are materials frequently used to make wind chimes for use in an outdoor garden. Wind chimes are best placed in a small secluded area of the garden away from the property, where they will respond to the wind without disturbing the rest of the garden. This could also be a great place for a seating area, where the garden visitors can sit in peace and listen to the music created by the wind chimes and the rustling of the garden.

Sensory garden design | Sound

Water features are an attractive element in any garden but can be particularly useful in sensory gardens as they satisfy a multitude of senses; garden users can touch and feel the flow of the water, watch as the water trickles down the fountain and most importantly, listen to the calming sound of the running water.

Contrary to popular belief, water features don’t have to be costly to be effective; there are inexpensive and DIY options available for creating beautiful and economical water features.

sense of sight - blairgowrie

Case Study: Paving Project, Blairgowrie

This project took place in a large mature garden in Blairgowrie. It involved new paving and the design and installation of a water feature to provide both the visual and sound feature of this garden.

Explore our full case study, Paving Project, Blairgowrie.

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