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The scent of a well-maintained garden is wonderful and can be enjoyed year-round, but most people don’t know that the smell serves another very important purpose; attracting insects and deterring pests.

There is an unlimited choice of scented flowers and plants for your sensory garden, the difficulty here is choosing.

The Syringa vulgaris, commonly known as the Lilac, is produced in numerous variants. It has been growing in the UK since its introduction from the mountains of South-Eastern Europe in the sixteenth century. It is a flower praised for its consistency and readiness. Our favourite variation of the flower produces lavender-purple flowers and has a wonderful yet traditional clean floral scent.

Chocolate Cosmos (real name – Cosmos astrosanguineus) give off an irresistible scent. Yes, you guessed it. Chocolate Cosmos smell of chocolate and vanilla. The scent is bound to be a hit, especially with children. Its dusty red flower can add a rustic feel to your garden bed too but be aware; these flowers require a hefty amount of love and attention in order for them to flower.

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The Stargazer Lily is a hybrid flower included in a group of oriental lilies and is best known for its intoxicating scent and remarkable flower. It’s one of the most popular types of lilies and is frequently used in flower bouquets, but also makes a wonderful garden plant. It gets its name because it blooms towards the sky and has sparkling star-like red, yellow and pink petals.

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Case Study: Sensory Garden, Carnoustie

This sensory garden features curves which flow through the garden space incorporating various areas in the garden to sit quietly or join together in small groups.

We consulted with the care home’s owner, staff, residents and families, ensuring everyone was involved in the project, and allowing us to create a practical yet user-friendly sensory garden.

Explore our full case study, Sensory Garden, Carnoustie.

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