Sensory garden design | Landscaping a sensory garden

Sensory Garden, Bridge of Earn

This garden had to be divided up into five spaces, one for each resident and a central communal area.

Sensory garden drawing

Concept & Consultation

A design drawing was produced in consultation with our trusted partner John Frater from Plantforms.

The layout is set on a 30 degree angle to make it more interesting and encourage movement through the space. It also includes raised beds for the residents to grow their own vegetable and herbs.

For planting this time the brief was tricky. The client wanted it to be tranquil and stimulating! And to do that we have planned masses of greenery, from big shrubs to trees.

Green is the most tranquil colour so having a lush green background will make the space more peaceful. It will also act as a great backdrop for highlights of colour from the pockets and drifts of herbaceous plants scattered across the space.

Sensory garden | Wooden seating

Garden Features

Not forgetting the other senses – there is going to be plenty of great texture. This is mainly from the ornamental grasses, which also add seasonal interest as they are still looking great right now in autumn and will stand all through the winter. Scent is in abundance too – from the Mexican Orange Blossom shrubs and honeysuckle.

Wildlife will also love this garden because of the variety of the structure as well as from several key plants, such as the Hebe hedge which will be full of butterflies and bees throughout the summer.

Before & After

Browse the before and after photos.

Simply scroll the slider from left to right to see this garden transformation.

Sensory garden design | Landscaping a sensory garden
sensory garden before
Sensory garden raised planters
Sensory garden before landscaping
Sensory garden completed

Completed Project

The garden has been transformed into a practical user friendly space for residents and visitors to enjoy. The garden has a mixture of separate spaces for each of the residents along with a central communal area. It includes various seating areas and raised beds for residents to grow their own vegetables and plants. Planting was paramount to the sensory element of the garden providing lots of colours, textures and structure. There will be some wonderful smells from the garden with Mexican Orange Blossom and honeysuckle and wildlife will be attracted to the garden due to the layout and key planting.

Some very wet weather before Christmas resulted in the project having some pretty muddy looking construction photos but this makes the finished transformation look even more appealing! Once the planting establishes and the weather improves the garden will come alive and we really hope the residents enjoy spending lots of time outdoors in their new garden space.

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