Extensive Landscaping Project - Abernethy

The client's property was newly built and the garden was heavily sloped. The objective was to create a user friendly space tying in with the existing deck area.


This garden was very overgrown and our task was to turn the area into various level terraces with steps leading to the upper garden and the existing deck area.



This landscaping project involved extensive excavation work to create the various level areas.  Large retaining walls were constructed using anstone walling, then paved areas were created with steps leading to each area using saxon paving.

Border areas were later infilled with bark and planted with a selection of small trees and shrubs, providing all year round colour, form and texture.

Project Duration:  6 weeks

Before & After Gallery

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Completed Project

This project really was a huge transformation, from a very unusable space into a beautiful terraced garden, such a satisfying project to complete.