Garden Advice from Property Experts ESPC

While contracting a reliable landscaper like Gardens Galore to transform your garden into a relaxing oasis may seem like a luxury, it could actually be well worth the investment to potential home buyers. Even if you are not looking to sell, it’s a great way to add investment value as well as aesthetic appeal to your home which will definitely pay off later if you decide to sell on.

Here are a few examples provided by Lisa Venter at the ESPC of properties marketed through and how they have utilised their garden space to make the most of it.  From minimal to exotic gardens in the heart of Scotland, these are just a few ideas of what you could do with your home to increase its value through improving or creating garden space.  Use the reference numbers given to search for the example properties on :-


The 'No Maintenance' Garden

Living in the middle of one of the greatest cities in the UK may leave you with little time to get those green fingers out. 1d Howe Street in Edinburgh’s New Town (search 326875) is a great example of how a minimal garden can be created to suit being busy but also needing an area to have some quiet time.

 No Maintenance Garden

Gravel has been laid and a few pot plants set around a sheltered seating area create a small oasis in the heart of Edinburgh.

Consult your landscaper on the best gravel and layout to use, especially in the instance of having a basement flat like this where you may require special drainage for the rainy season. 


The Roof Top Garden

Landscaping your garden may not seem apparent if you don’t have a sprawling acre of lawn around the perimeter of your property but even if you have a roof top garden it will be worth creating a special green space with an expert, not only for your enjoyment but for the simple sake of saying you have a garden of sorts when it comes to selling your property; this can add a lot of value and certain buyers won’t even consider a property if it doesn’t have some sort of garden or outdoor recreation space.  

Roof Top Garden

12/14 Brunswick Street in Hillside (search 329269) has made the most of rooftop space by laying stone slabs along the area and decorating with simple benches and potted plants. This may be just what you need to increase the entertaining space of your home as well as its value!

Talk to your building manager if you share the space communally before launching into creating urban garden space though. Consult your landscaper on resilient plants that can take roof top elements as well as the best type of slabs to use for the floor of your outdoor space.


The 'Too Much Space' Garden

If you find yourself with A LOT of outdoor space then you may want to consider discussing your options with your landscaper as planting a whole array of flowers and trees impulsively may lead to costly maintenance and rather strange flowering patterns.

Too Much Space Garden

4 Templar’s Cramond (search 326848) is a good case study for turning an excess of outdoor garden space into a manageable area that will not turn off potential buyers in the future. You can see that the current owners of this property have divided the garden up using shrubbery to create natural walk ways without interrupting the lawn too much. They have also framed areas with small, manicured trees and even put a trampoline in the far right corner to give the kids their own space; an appealing selling point to buyers with children. 


The Beautifully Framed Garden

Trying to show off your modest sized garden in the best way can be tricky, especially if you can’t decide what you want to use it for. In this case you could frame your lawn space and as a result create a space that could be used for anything. 

Framed Garden

The Garden House (search 327909) is aptly named as it has many different gardens surrounding it. However it is the back garden that best demonstrates the idea of a framed garden. You can see the property owners have designed the space so that steps lead into a slightly lowered garden and that colourful flowering plants, shrubs and small trees make up a diverse boarder.  This garden space looks great on its own but could also feature a pergola or outdoor furniture later on.

Talk to your garden expert on the best lawn to use for the area you live in as well as how to care for shrubs and border plants as they will need pruning and separate care to the lawn.

For more garden advice, talk to your consultant at Gardens Galore. For more property specific advice, questions on how to market your property or just to browse more properties with interesting gardens visit, pick up our weekly ESPC Paper (available from your local solicitor estate agent) or come and see our advisors in our ESPC showrooms in Edinburgh (85 George Street) or in Dunfermline (15 New Row).