Fife Project - Burntisland

We travelled to the scenic town of Burntisland, in Fife, for a project involving the complete re-design of a rear garden.

Our clients' garden consisted of a fenced patch of lawn sloping steeply upwards towards the rear: our brief was to create level areas - as spaces for entertaining and relaxing.

The gradient of the garden's slope presented a challenge - but we wanted to use the height difference to our advantage with two separate patio areas: one at the property's rear doors, and one at the top of the slope.

We constructed both patios from Autumn Bronze sandstone paving - which both looks good and offers impressive durability.

It was necessary to build extensive retaining walls across the width of the garden to support the higher patio - which we connected to the lower area with bull-nosed sawn sandstone steps.

To smarten the garden's boundary, we erected a palisade fence around its perimeter. Finally, to add a touch of beauty, we installed a planting bed along the length of the steps.

Beyond the much-needed relaxation areas, the work we carried out infused a previously unremarkable garden with style, shape and eye-catching beauty.

Before & After Gallery

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