Dundee Project - Invergowrie

This recent project, in Invergowrie, involved the re-design of our clients' rear garden as a more attractive user-friendly space.

The original garden consisted of a sloped stretch of lawn with a small slab patio at the property's rear door. Cluttered with bushes and hedges, the patio area was confined and visually unappealing. In consultation with our clients, we saw an opportunity to breathe new life into the space by tidying it and enhancing its functionality.

Our first task was to remove the old square-slab patio and the overgrown plants around it. We re-paved the patio in irregular-shaped sandstone, fitted carefully to the incline of the lawn and colour co-ordinated to complement the property. 

The new patio was extended in terraced steps to replace the sloped lawn running alongside the property - and make the space more functional. Finally, the sandstone was finished with tegula block edging to enhance its appearance.

Our work created a much more accessible and distinctive garden which combined an attractive lawn area with a versatile and stylish patio - perfect for barbeques or just admiring the scenery.

Before & After Gallery

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